Penn Social Sports is hands down the EASIEST and MOST FUN way to meet new people and make new friends in Central PA.
 Currently there is a winter cornhole, summer cornhole and bocce, and fall cornhole at Evergrain.  Look for a winter east shore league coming soon!
  • You don’t need experience.  Most people have no idea how to play when they start in our league.  Next thing you know you’ll be an expert!
  • Anyone can play!  Regardless of your athletic ability or skills you WILL HAVE FUN IN OUR LEAGUE without breaking a sweat!! (Did we mention no sweating?)
  • You will meet a ton of new people at the park and/or at the bar.  Everyone in each of our locations enjoy great specials at our sponsor bars after the games… YOU WILL MEET PEOPLE FROM OTHER TEAMS!!!
  • It’s a good ice breaker.  “Did you know I play in a (insert sport) league?”
  • If your team wins it all there are prizes and a Championship Boot to drink from!
  • Penn Social Sports offers parties at the end of each season for each sport where you get to meet even more people!